Shared and Dedicated Hosting: What’s the Difference?

These days all websites are hosted on a server. There are two kinds of hosting you could opt for; dedicated or shared hosting. Here are the differences in shared and dedicated hosting that you need to know in order to make an informed decision about which one you will opt for:

On a dedicated server, the name suggests what it is; a server dedicate to your site only. While on a shared hosting; again like the name suggests, the server will be hosting multiple different sites however they are virtually in different compartments within the server and do not affect how each one performs.

When you have a shared hosting deal set up, since there are various websites being hosted on one server, the hosting company is responsible for all the security set up a server requires. The firewall, anti-virus and other preventive protection are all installed by the server hosting company. However, if the server is a dedicated one just to host your site on it; the security of the server is entirely your responsibility.

The bandwidth when you look at a dedicated server is much more than on a shared server since in a dedicate server you have all the space. While on a shared server, you have to share the space and bandwidth with all the other websites being hosted on that server thus there is a limited amount of what you can get in terms of bandwidth.

One of the issues with a shared server space is the fact that if another website which is being hosted on the same server engages in phishing activities or spamming; they may be blacklisted. And if their server is blacklisted by search engines, that means since you are operating out of the same server, you will be blacklisted as well. Thus there is always a risk involved of being blacklisted. However, with a dedicated server your actions define your status thus if you do not engage in questionable practices, there is no reason that you will face any repercussions such as being blacklisted by search engines.

The response time of the server in a shared hosting situation might not be as fast as one in a dedicated hosting situation. This is because the total traffic from all the websites hosted on one shared server can eat up the bandwidth pretty quickly which leads to a slower loading time; this does not happen on a dedicated server where all the bandwidth is yours alone.

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