Today in such a fast-paced world, where everything is ruled by technology each and every business tries to be equipped with the latest hardware and soft ware. The major issue that the companies is the huge costs that come with it. When a company seeks to establish their own complete setup, they have to acquire the complete hardware, make the necessary purchase of software and hire a team of IT experts. This is not fixed cost, but an ongoing one and then the company need to allocate budgets at various levels, for maintenance and for up gradation.


It is an offsite place where the IT of the business is being handled. The hardware and the required IT support is all at one place and the data is sent from this offsite place to the main area.  Companies that use such services pay a monthly fee to the server host and they enjoy the benefits of a complete IT infrastructure without having to face the trouble of acquiring each and everything. The companies that offer server hosting designate the required hardware and support staff to the companies as per their requirement.


  • It is cost saving, with full benefits of a complete IT setup.
  • The company does not need to worry about the performance and speed, because it is binding about the server host to provide these facilities. The company’s business remains un interrupted.
  • A full time technical assistance and trouble shooting is accessible for the business.

Server hosting are of two types, one is dedicated server hosting and the other is shared server hosting. Bigger firms who do not wish to invest in an IT firm look towards dedicated server hosting so that they have an exclusive and privileged usage of the IT resources, but for smaller companies this may present itself as an expensive option. The shared server hosting is relatively cheaper and this is why smaller businesses opt for the shared hosting. The only issue that this sharing poses is that if there is a lot of traffic for one of the customers the others also suffer and this might slow down your company’s website as well. Right kind of hiring is important so that there are no issues with the work involved. With many businesses going online the requirements of shared as well as exclusive hosting server’s requirements are increasing.

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